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Migration Agent for Employer Visas

Work & live in Australia

When applying for an Australia sponsorship visa, you need to make sure that your position adhere’s to rules set by the Government regarding skillsets and accepted types of employment. Sponsorship visa conditions are extremely particular so to make sure that you are eligible for this visa and are not in breach of the conditions, talk to one of our Brisbane Migration Agents.

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Medical profession - Skilled Visa - Migration Agent

Migration Agent for Skilled Visas

Work & live in Australia

If you are a qualified professional seeking a visa in Australia, the Australian skilled visa could be the perfect option for you. This visa is designed to bring qualified and practicing professionals to Australia based on the occupations that we need within Australia. To apply for this visa, your occupation must be on the Australian skilled occupation list and bring economic value to the country. To see if you are eligible, organsie a meeting with one of our Brisbane migration agents.

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Immigration Lawyers Brisbane

Migration Agent for Business Visas

Work & live in Australia

If you wish to run or start a business within Australia; a business visa could be the option for you. This visa allows you to immigrate to Australia if you invest in or run a profitable business on our soil. The business visa is a particularly picky one to organise and has very strict requirements so it is recommended to go through a migration expert.

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Family Visa Lawyers

Migration Agent for Family Visas

Work & live in Australia

Do you have immediate relatives that live somewhere in Australia? You might be able to submit an application for the Australia family migration visa. This scheme was created by the Australian Government to increase reunions between international family members. This visa works by allowing a close relative, who is atleast 18years of age and residing in Australia, to sponsor a member of their family from overseas allowing them to move to Australia. Not all family members may be eligible so talk to the Brisbane Migration agents to see if you can apply.

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Migration Agents Brisbane

Migration Agent Brisbane for Visa Appeals

Our Brisbane Migration Agents fight for your rights

Our Brisbane migration agents are highly experienced and sympathetic to visa denials and are here to help. You are entitled to lodge an appeal against a refusal of entry notice. We know this can be an extremely stressful situation to find yourself in which is why we offer our professional migration review tribunal services.

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Over the years, our Brisbane migration agents have successfully obtained thousands of visas for our clients. Call For An Instant Consultation Today 1800 808 717

Results Migration have a highly experienced, dedicated and empathetic team of Brisbane migration agents who have made Results Migration the leading migration agency. Our migration agents are all registered and have experience working with a wide array of people applying for, disputing and seeking information on the different types of Australian visas. We are experts on the field of immigration laws and policies and have seen first hand the problems that can occur with different visa applications. We know the difficulties that can arise with visa applications which is why we are to to help you, guide you and fight for your migration rights.

The Australian Government has countless visa types on offer so it is important to know the difference between them, their requirements and conditions and which is best for your circumstances. Whether you are looking for a temporary stay, study options, sponsorship options, a route that leads you to permanent residency, or you don’t even know where to start, chat to our team of Migration Agents; we will talk you through your options and make an immigration plan for you. The agents at Results Migration pride themselves on going above and beyond for their clients, helping them throughout the entire journey and making sure all documents are correct.

We specialise in Australian migration laws and policies. Our dedicated team of agents can assist with:



Experienced Migration Agents. Contact us for all visa enquiries.

    Free Consultation

    Our free visa consultations will assess your current situation, the visa you are after, your future goals regarding migrating to Australia and any previous convictions or issues that may create road blocks with your visa. As Brisbane migration agents our job is to be truthful so we will give you honest and read advice based of our intensive knowledge of immigration laws and plocies.

    98.8% Success Rate

    Our Brisbane Migration Agents have an impressive success rate for achieving successful visa outcomes for their clients. As highly experienced and qualified professionals, we are confident in our results and what we can do for you.

    Registered Migration Agents Brisbane

    All our agents at Results Migration Migration Agents Brisbane are experienced, dedicated and qualified in the field of migration policies and laws within the country. We will listen to you, talk you through your different pathways and give you real advice.

    Assist with Visa Appeals

    Has your visa been denied? Talk to our Migration Agents Brisbane about our tribunal services. We will fight for your rights to stay in Australia and represent you all of the way.

    The Road To Permanent Residency

    If your end goal is permanent residency, we will help you transition from whatever temporary visa you are currently into a permanent stay in this country. Permanent residency applications are our specialty and we will map out a very clear and achievable pathway for you to follow to get there. Our ongoing visa progress support makes sure that your application is as strong as it can be and is correct and ready to go.


    Free Consultation

    Free Migration Consultations

    98.8% Success Rate

    Average application success rate is 98.8%

    We’re Registered Agents

    Registed and expereinced Brisbane Migration Agents

    Help with Visa Appeals

    Was Your Visa Denied? We can help!

    Road to Permanent Residency

    We Can create a Strategy that Leads to PR

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      Leading the way in migration services, Results Migrations are a team of highly experienced and trained lawyers and migration agents who provide honest migration services for the clients seeking different visa entries into Australia. Our staff are compassionate and extremely dedicated to finding you the best pathway to Australia. Whether you are after short term visa, aren’t sure exactly what you want yet or are looking for a way to stay in long haul, we are the migration agents for you. Our experience, dedication, knowledge and level of empathy is reflected in our 98.2% success rate.

      Although experienced in all visa types, our core specialty is working with people who are trying to turn their temporary visas into permanent residency. We will map up the best way to get there and will hold your each step of the way. From advice, to handing documentation and representing you if need be, our Migration Agents  will go above and beyond to get you there.


      Yes we do. We have had a lot of success when it comes to Administrative Appeals Tribunals and have had visa denials turned around for multiple clients. Your Results Migration case manager will create a case, represent you and take it to the AAT for the very best chance of success.

      Results Migration Immigration Lawyers and Migration Agents can represent you at your hearing and argue your case. Although we handle everything, we keep you well informed and in the loop at all times so you know the status of your application/tribunal at all times. We know this is a very stressful time for you so we provide the support you need throughout the entire process to not only bring in the best possible change of success but to ensure you are encouraged and feel cared for and listened to every step of the way. Call us or organise a free consultation to see what our Brisbane team has to offer.