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Results Migration Lawyers are simply the best team to help you secure your Australian visa. Our highly professional Brisbane immigration lawyers tailor every application to your specific case to give you the best chance of success. We'll take care of all paperwork and guide you through the process, so you can focus on building your new life here in Australia.

As part of our service, our clients receive a pathway to Permanent Residency, so we can help you build a new life in Australia. We have a team of the most experienced and talented local Brisbane Immigration Lawyers to help you every step of the way. Rest assured, when you choose Results Migration, you’ve got the best team behind you.

We specialise in migration to Australia, we understand what our clients need and deliver results every time. We can you help with:

  • Employer Visas – 457, Employer Sponsored
  • Skilled Visas –  Work and live in Australia
  • Business Visas – Build Your Business in Australia
  • Family Visas – Family or Partner Migration
  • Student Visas – Foundation, English, College or University
  • Tourist Visas – Visitor, Travel and Family Sponsored
  • Visa Appeals – Migration lawyers fight for your rights to stay in Australia


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Here at Results Migration, our Brisbane immigration lawyers aspire to make your move to Australia an easy and enjoyable transition.

We understand that this decision may be difficult physically, emotionally and financially, thus we will strive to assist you in whatever way we can, so that you are able to begin your new life in Australia as stress free as possible. The team at Results Migration Lawyers Brisbane, share your ambitions for a new life and from the beginning of the first consultation, to the moment your visa application is approved; we are with you every step of the way.

There is no case that is too much of a challenge for Results Migration Lawyers.

  • Are you tired of being advised by inexperienced agents and not immigration lawyers?
  • Has your visa been cancelled and you need expert advice for your appeal?
  • Do you want your employer to sponsor you?
  • Are you already a qualified professional and want to live and work in Australia?
  • Do you want to invest in Australia?
  • Are you a wanting to sponsor overseas workers in your Australian business?

Results Migration Lawyers. Your Expert Team.

Results Migration Lawyers deal with extremely challenging cases on a daily basis. We understand that the visa process is often hard and fearful for you, but rest assured that the issues you are facing have been handled by our experts for many years. Thus, you can be sure to be provided with fast responses, up to date feedback on your case and diligent workmanship throughout the entire journey.

Are you already in Australia? It is very common for people traveling to Australia to wish to extend their visas. A Brisbane migration lawyer can help you by applying for a new visa to allow you to stay and enjoy the country. Have you:

  • Applied for another visa to stay longer?
  • Overstayed your visa expiration date? For reasons of exceptional circumstances?
  • Wanting to change your visa?

If these circumstances sound familiar, be sure to contact our Brisbane office so that you can get some advice and reassurance of your position in Australia.


Results Migration Lawyers Brisbane are the leaders in migration services throughout Australia. We have a formidable team of migration lawyers that are committed to ensuring you achieve a successful outcome for your migration application. Through our experience we know what is needed, we have achieved fantastic results for our clients and continue to assist our clients throughout Australia and the rest of the world with a 96% success rate.

We specialise in assisting our clients with transitioning from the temporary to permanent residency in Australia. We provide a clear strategy with sound advice to ensure that are clients apply for the correct visa to maximise the success of their application and minimise the time and cost outlaid. Our ongoing application support ensures that all evidenced received and submitted ensures a successful outcome even if there is a history of refused or cancelled applications. In our first consultation we will provide a clear analysis of your case and fees, from here you will be allocated your own migration lawyer who will be right by your side until your visa is decided.

We are asked by many of our clients, what is the difference between a migration lawyer and migration agent. A migration lawyer comes with a wealth of skills and knowledge that leaves agents for dust. A migration lawyer has attended law school at University, is admitted to the legal profession and they are specifically trained to analyse and interpret the law and provide relevant and clear advice.

From a migration perspective this means Results Migration Brisbane Lawyers have the ability to interpret the relevant migration legislation and apply it to our clients case to ensure a successful outcome. Results Migration lawyers also attend the Federal Court of Australia and Migration Review Tribunal to support our clients and ensure success for any visa appeals. A migration agent is only required to complete a certificate in migration studies, essentially a short course that is not at University Degree level. As such they have not been formally trained as a lawyer and cannot hold themselves out to same. Don't be caught out using an inexperienced migration agent, let the team at Results Migration ensure your visa success.

In your visa consultation we will undertake a full assessment of your migration needs, including your current situation, your future goals and any past issues that you may have had. We will give you a full and frank opinion on your chances of success and begin to compile a comprehensive timeline to achieve your migration goals for you. We will quote you the professional fees owed for your entire matter, with no surprises.

In your visa consultation, you can tell us what you need to achieve and we will immediately give you multiple options that we can pursue on your behalf, all aimed at turning your plans into reality. Whether you have a specific reason for migrating, or simply wish to pursue permanent residency in beautiful Australia, we can inform you of the options available to you.

This is part of the comprehensive service that we provide to you. All communications, submissions, online applications, document exchange and any other action required to complete your visa application is completely taken care of by our team. The team at Results Migration are trained lawyers who have in-depth experience communicating with Department officials, Tribunal Members, Parliamentary officials and Judges of the Court and know how to gain the best outcomes from opening communications with any body at any stage of your visa application.

We can usually undertake a full assessment of your situation at our initial consultation with only a passport and a resume. Once you decide to commence your visa application with Results Migration, there is a wide variety of different evidence that you need to provide for each type of visa. For example, two of the most common visas applied for are student visas and skilled visas. When applying for a skilled visa, you will need to provide evidence of your academic qualifications, your employment history, and any other certification proving your skill set to the Immigration Department. For a student visa, you will need to provide evidence of enrolment at an approved academic institution and proof of sufficient funds to support yourself for the entire time that you plan to stay in Australia. There are many different types of visa applications and each requires different forms of evidence. Our immigration lawyers will assist you with a complete list of all evidence that you need to provide as part of our complete visa application services. We can also advise you about different forms of evidence that the Department prefers and how your evidence must be presented. We will also ensure that you do not present any conflicting evidence or submit anything that may harm your application. Our trained professionals will ensure that all evidence needed to support your successful visa application is collected on time, for the result you need.

Yes. At Results Migration we pride ourselves on taking a personal, relatable approach. You can speak to your lawyer directly, and ask for clarification on any part of the process that you may not understand at any time. You will be provided with updates at each stage of your matter and you can contact one of the team at any time!

When the Department request more information, Results Migration will handle all aspects of the request, for your peace of mind. If more evidence is required, our team will let you know immediately what kind of evidence you can provide that will be best suited to show the Department what they need to approve your visa application. Sometimes, the Department will request more information if there is some kind of invalid circumstances or event in your history that may hinder the grant of the visa. In these cases, Results Migration Lawyers have a successful history of making submissions to the Department that make a valid legal argument for the case officer to either overcome or move past the issue in question and continue to process your visa. We will pursue the quickest and most efficient method to obtaining your visa every time.

All visas process for different lengths of time. A student or tourist visa may only take six to eight weeks, whereas a partner visa can take from 12 - 15 months to process. We are able to inform you of all approximate visa processing times before you commence your application, and we will also plan ahead to ensure that any visa processing times are factored into any deadlines or travel plans that you may need to account for. We can also give you details of any activities you may undertake while your visa is processing that might improve your outcomes later on. Most importantly however, we can manage your immigration and travel-related needs while you wait for your visa to process. If you are in Australia, you might need permission to work or study. If you are overseas, you might want to come to Australia while your visa processes. The possibilities are endless! Results Migration can ensure that you are able to take advantage of any situation while waiting for your approved visa.

Many clients come to Results Migration with a refusal of their visa. Usually, thesematters are simple issues that could have been resolved by engaging with our team during the application process. However, migration is a complex and swiftly changing area of law, and sometime even the most careful visa applicants can find that they are refused a visa. Results Migration Lawyers can make sure that you take the best option for you to move forward with your migration goals, whether that be carefully selecting an alternate application process or making a submission to the Department in relation to your refused visa. We also have a successful history of representing applicants at the Migration Review Tribunal (now called the Migration Review Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal). We can analyse the legal reasoning behind your visa refusal and argue that the refusal of your visa was not justifiable. The effect of a positive decision at this stage can be either that the case officer assigned to your visa is forced to make a new decision on your visa, or the Tribunal may direct the Department to grant you your visa. Whichever outcome we secure for you, we will ensure that your pathway to permanent residency is clear, convenient, and effective.

Absolutely. We have a history of success at the Migration Review Tribunal, which was recently amalgamated into the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We have a trained team of immigration lawyers who can extract legal reasoning from your matter and present it to the Tribunal to ensure that you are given the best opportunity possible for your visa success. Results Migration has the rare combination of highly talented and persistent migration and immigration lawyers on the team, so your case will be examined from all sides to make sure that every angle is addressed.

Results Migration Lawyers can represent you in your hearing. We will make sure that you are aware of all the formalities and what to expect at your hearing. We will keep you updated while the Tribunal comes to its decision, and make sure that you are aware of all of the possible outcomes. Results Migration will provide end-to-end support directly to you through the entire process of your visa appeal, to not only maximise your chances of success, but to guarantee that you feel encouraged and cared for throughout your entire matter.

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