Business Visas

The Australian Government has designed the Business Innovation and Investment Programme to encourage successful, international business people and investors, to settle in Australia. By applying for an Australian Business Visa, applicants are able to let their business and investment activity flourish in Australia, whilst also building a name for themselves in the lucky country.

At Results Migration, we provide expert legal advice on a range of business visas, including both the permanent and provisional Business and Innovation Visa (subclass 888 and 188 respectively) and the Business Talent Visa (subclass 132). With locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin, we are more than happy to help both onshore and offshore applicants migrate to Australia for any business and investment purposes.

Business and Innovation Visa (Provisional) subclass 188

The provisional Business and Innovation visa includes five streams whereby successful business owners can invest in a new, or existing business in Australia. It is the first out of the two stages eventually leading to permanent residency, and is only open to applicants who have received an invitation by the Department after lodging an Expressing on Interest, and being nominated by a State or Territory Government or Austrade.

Business and Innovation Visa (Permanent) subclass 888

The second stage of the Business and Innovation program allows applicants, who have held a 188 visa, the ability to transition to permanent residency through the subclass 888 visa. This visa allows successful applicants to manage their business activities and investments in Australia for an indefinite period. With five streams to choose from, we can help you find the pathway that best suits your business needs!

Business Talent Visa (Permanent) subclass 132

Business people who possess a high calibre should consider applying for permanent residency through a Business Talent Visa subclass 132. This visa is only open to applicants who, have received an invitation by the Department after lodging an Expressing on Interest and being nominated by a State or Territory Government or Austrade.  The subclass 132 visa provides two pathways for business people to either, establish a new business ,or develop an existing business in Australia.

Business Visa Eligibility Assessment

When coming in to Results Migration we will conduct a Free Business Visa Eligibility Assessment, to determine whether you meet the basic requirements needed to obtain an Australian Business Visa. To ensure that your assessment provides a realistic result, it is vital that all the information you submit is as accurate as possible to our migration agent within Brisbane and the rest of Australia.

Why risk getting your application rejected? Contact us at Results Migration and we’ll put you on the path to success! Just give us a call or fill in our free no obligation enquiry form here.