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Partner Visas Australia

Being one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world, Australia is currently one of the most popular destinations for migrants all over the world. Most people who have settled and made a life here are immersed in a variety of cultures, ethnicities and the open-mindedness of the population. As a result of this multiculturalism, [...]

Getting your Visa Application Requirements Correct

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBC) is a huge government department. It processes hundreds of thousands of visa applications every year. Because of its sheer size and immense workload, the DIBC doesn’t have the time to take a personal approach to your visa application. Don’t expect a friendly phone call telling you [...]

What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

The process of entering another country is fraught with complexities and is often intrinsically difficult to navigate on your own. This is particularly true of Australia and, given the current political climate, can often result in very long periods spent waiting for disappointing results. The monetary costs inherent with entering Australia from overseas, furthers the [...]

Refugees and Asylum Seekers – The Immigration Debate

There’s been a lot of political mileage gained from the refugee debate over recent years. If you listen to some of the most vocal exponents of ‘stopping the boats’, it’s easy to think if that you rummage around hard enough, refugee visas are found at the bottom of every cornflakes packet in Australia. But if [...]

Hiring from Abroad? Here’s The 101 On Employer Sponsored Visas In Australia

If the success of your business is important to you, you’ll stop at nothing to find the right person for the job. Sometimes the right person is interstate or even overseas. If you’re looking to hire someone from abroad, you have to ensure that they secure the right visa to make it possible. The Department [...]

Visa Eligibility in Australia: Which Visa Should You Try For?

If you want to come to Australia from abroad, you need to apply for, and be granted a visa. Applications are processed by the Australian government’s Department of Immigration and Border Control (DIBP). Reading about your visa options on the DIPB’s website can be confusing. There are dozens of visas on offer. Knowing which ones [...]

Australian Student Visas – The Facts

If you’re an overseas student, Australia offers a wealth of educational opportunities. However, if you’re hoping to come to Australia to study, you must first obtain the right visa. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is the Australian government department that oversees the issuing of visas to prospective overseas students. If the course [...]