Fees: Child VISA SUBCLASS 101

Child visa (subclass 101) fees are prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs and are payable on the lodgement of your application. From time to time the fees are updated by the Department, Results Migration will advise at the time of your free consultation.

Subclass 101 Visa Fees

Visa Fee(AUD) Explanation
Child Visa $2,415 Fee for primary visa applicant
Additional Costs to Consider Fee(AUD) Explanation
Dependents $1,210 This fee is charged for any additional applicants who are aged above 18 years
Children $605 This fee applies per child included in the application aged under 18 years
Medical Examinations Variable May be needed for each person on the application
Character Clearance/Police Checks Variable This fee is payable to police authorities in any country that you have lived for 12 months or more
Skills Assessment To be advised at your free consultation at Results Migration


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