Fees: contributory Aged parent VISA SUBCLASS 864

Subclass 864 visa fees are prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs and are payable on the lodgement of your 864 visa application. From time to time the fees are updated by the Department, Results Migration will advise at the time of your free consultation.


864 Visa Fees

The 864 visa fees are split into two instalments. Costs vary depending on whether or not you held the Temporary Contributory Aged Parent Visa (subclass 884) before applying for the 864 visa.


Applicant type Primary applicant Dependents over 18 Dependents under 18
If you have never held a subclass 884 visa and you are applying for the first time $3,770 $1,880 $945
  • If you currently hold a subclass 884 Contributory Aged Parent (Temporary) visa; or
  • if you held a subclass 884 visa, and now hold a substituted subclass 600 visa at the time of application; or
  • if you held a subclass 884 visa within the 28 days immediately before making the application for an 864 visa
$330 $170 $80
  • If you made a valid application for an Aged Parent (Residence)(Class BP) visa before 1 July 2003; and
  • withdrew the application at the same time as making this application
Nil Nil Nil
If you held a subclass 884 visa, and you provided the Minister with evidence of compassionate and compelling reasons why you should be considered to hold an 884 visa for the purposes of this application. $3,770 $1,880 $945


Applicant Type Fee
If you have never held a subclass 884 visa $43,600
  • Held an 884 or 600 visa at time of 886 visa;
  • Under 18 at time of application; or
  • Applying for 886 as a child or step child of an applicant
  • Applying for the 886 as a dependent child or step child of an applicant; and
  • You are 18 at the time of the application for the 886 visa
  • You previously held an 884 visa; and
  • The Minister is satisfied that compassionate and compelling circumstances exist for you to still hold a 884 visa
  • You hold an 884 visa when you apply for the 864 visa;
  • You held an 884 visa in the 28 days immediately before making the application for the 864 visa; or
  • You previously held an 884 visa but currently hold a 600 visa when applying for the 864 visa


Additional Costs to Consider Fee (AUD) Explanation
Assurance of Support (AoS) Bond Variable The AoS allows welfare costs for migrants to be met by an Australian citizen or permanent resident rather than the Australian community
Medical Examinations Variable May be needed for each person on the application
Character Clearance/Police Checks Variable This fee is payable to police authorities in any country that you have lived for 12 months or more


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