Processing Times: Skilled Regional (provisional) visa SUBCLASS 489

The subclass 489 Visa is a provisional visa that provides three pathways for skilled workers who want to work and live in regional Australia for up to four years. This visa is an alternative for skilled workers who have qualifications and skills but have not been able to pass the points tests, as required by other skilled visas, such as the subclass 189 and 190.

While this is still a points-based test, there are three ways to lodge an application:

  1. Invitation by the Department;
  2. Holding a previous Skilled Regional visa; or
  3. Having a family member who holds a certain class of visa


489 Visa Processing Times

As so few people apply for this visa, it is difficult to determine how long it takes to receive the visa. Times can vary depending on how long it takes the Department to process your application. Typically, skilled visas do not take more than 12 months to be processed.


489 Visa Timeline & Stages

The visa processing times for the 489 visa requires going through the following stages:

  1. Schedule a free consultation at Results Migration to begin the process of applying for a visa
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via Skill Select to be invited by the Department to apply for the 489 visa
  3. You will be invited for one of the following pathways:
    • Extended Stay pathway (if you currently hold a 475, 487, 495 or 496 visa)
    • Invited pathway (if you have been nominated by a government agency, eligible relative or by the Department to apply)
    • Subsequent Entry pathway (if you have a family member who holds a 457, 487, 489, 495 or 496 visa)
  4. Each pathway has different and specific requirements need to be satisfied in order for your application to be approved. The team at Results Migration will assist you in preparing all the required documents in a timely manner to ensure that your 489 visa is lodged with all of the requirements met.
  5. In the meantime, if you applied in Australia, you will be granted a bridging visa when you lodge your application. A bridging visa allows you to stay in Australia while your 489 visa application is being processed.
  6. If you applied outside of Australia, you can apply for another visa to enter Australia.


Common issues that cause delays in 489 Visa processing times

  • Whether you have lodged a complete application, including all necessary supporting documents;
  • How promptly you respond to any requests for additional information;
  • How long it takes to perform required checks on the supporting information provided; and
  • How long it takes to receive additional information from external agencies, particularly in relation to health and character requirements.

At Results Migration, we know this process can be complex and time consuming, which is why we can assist you from start to finish. Contact Results Migration today!


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