The Skilled Regional visa is a temporary visa for skilled workers who want to work and live in regional Australia, and who are:

  • Nominated by a participating State or Territory Government; or
  • Have obtained sponsorship from an eligible relative living in a specified regional area of Australia.

This visa is an alternative for skilled workers who have the qualifications or skills but cannot pass the points test required to obtain a Skilled Independent or Nominated visa (subclass 189 and 190).

The current eligible score for the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 489) is 60 points.

Requirements of the Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 489

Applicants for this visa first need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) online and then be invited to apply for the visa.

If you are being sponsored by an eligible relative for this visa, your sponsor will need to be:

  • At least 18 years of age;
  • Living in a designated area of Australia
  • An Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

After you have been invited or sponsored, you will need to demonstrate that you meet the following additional eligibility requirements for this visa:

  • That you have been nominated by an Australian State or Territory Government agency (if applicable).
  • That you have been sponsored by an eligible relative (if applicable).
  • That you have nominated an occupation that is on the relevant skilled occupation list.
  • That you are younger than 50 years of age when you are invited to apply for this visa.
  • That you have at least ‘competent’ English language ability at the time you are invited to apply.
  • Obtained a suitable skills assessment for your nominated occupation, based on the factors in the points test below:
    • Age
    • English language ability
    • Previous Australian and Overseas skilled work experience
    • International Qualifications
    • Australian study requirements and awards
    • Credentialed community language qualifications
    • Regional Australian Study
    • Spouse skill qualifications
    • Professional year in Australia
    • Achieved the score specified in your letter of invitation.
    • Meet certain health and character requirements.

 Entitlements of the Skilled Regional Visa – Subclass 489

The Skilled Regional visa is valid for four (4) years from the date of the visa grant. This will allow you and your eligible family members:

  • To stay in Australia for up to four years
  • To live, study and work in a specified regional area of Australia, and
  • Travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want, while the visa is valid.

Gola Family – Pakistan

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We are now living in Sydney and are very happy with our new life. Results Migration was the best decision I made as the application process is difficult and costly and they made the process simple for me to understand.