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Ah, this is quite an emotional moment for me to sit down and pen this review. I was trying to to file Student Visa for my cousin. I paid visit to many migration agents in Brisbane and then results migration popped up during a google search. After reading their google reviews, i decided to pay them a visit, not forgetting to mention, they offered a free consultation.

First, I met Charles and the way he described the whole process, it was super easy. He was very honest since the beginning with what’s possible and what’s not. I left that day and had couple of follow up queries. I had met Charles nearly 4-5 times before deciding to go ahead with results migration. He was always compassionate enough to meet in person or to answer my telephone queries. I remember very clearly, it was my first meeting with Charles that i knew, Results migration is the team to engage. Charles had been super helpful in helping finalise the course for my cousin as well.

Kathryn Smith was our migration lawyer. She is superb and amazing. Kathryn made every step so easy to file my cousin’s student visa application. She was always patient and prompt to reply to my queries. She is the best migration lawyer anyone can find. After filing the visa application, the results were extremely quick. The visa was approved in less than 3 weeks. I am so happy that I can’t thank Kathryn enough. You are amazing and best Kath. Love and Respect !!!

I have met Christian once, while visiting Charles and i want to let you know Christian, you have a best team and people. 🙂

If you are looking for the right migration lawyers, don’t look for anyone else. Results Migration is the team to go for. They are compassionate, caring and the best.


Christian and his team were very helpful and his advice was the right one for us. At the beginning the communication was a little bit difficult but with the time was improving. We had to appeal a desicion and with the help and advice of Kathryn we won it. She showed professionalism and has been very clear in every step of our process. Now, we are waiting for the outcome of the visa.


Visa Approved! 🙂 I got to know about Result Migration through my cousin living in Brisbane. She met Charlie and was straight sure that they are the best to take care of my student visa.

Charlie and my migration agent Kathryn both were extremely professional and effective. Kathryn’s proactive approach assisted me on every step in detail. Kath and Charlie both have remained positive, polite and professional from the outset. Kathryn always advised and responded to all my queries promptly and demonstrated a personable approach. Great professionals. I would definitely recommend Result Migration – to my friends and colleagues. Thank you once again Results Migration for their exceptional work on my student visa approval.


If you are looking for assistance with your visa then look no further. I spent a while researching different migration lawyers as only wanted the best. As soon as I spoke to Christian I knew I was in good hands. He promptly then offered a free consultation (all other migration lawyers I spoke to charged around $200 for this) where he broke down my case and wrote the plan of action clearly and visually out on a white board.
I originally lodged my partner visa without the help of an agent/lawyer and stumbled across some complications. I only had a month to resolve the matter; thankfully Christian and Kathryn made me feel a priority.

Kathryn is extremely professional and a master at what she does. I had a good gut feeling from the start. She is also very good with communication and always had time for my sometimes lengthy phone calls and multiple queries. She is easy to talk to, very hard working and so helpful.
The deadline for my visa ‘dispute’ documentation and submissions was on a Friday. Kathryn submitted all in time and told me I should hear the result in about 2-3 weeks. I was very pleasantly surprised when my visa was then granted the following Monday morning!!!I seriously can’t thank the whole team at Results Migration enough. I am so grateful and have no hesitation in recommending their services.


I can’t recommend results migration enough. They’ve helped myself and three of my friends through a tough process, and if it wasn’t for Results, i would have thrown in the towel and moved back home. Very supportive, understanding and professional. They are also so much more informed than the many other lawyers i discussed my case with. Highly recommend


Super helpful, prompt answers, and overall great service!! Client focused in every way! I initially wanted to submit my PR application on my own, but ended up needing help with all the recent changes in immigration – having them help me with my application is the reason I am now a permanent resident. Can’t recommend enough! Worth the money!


Christian and his team and in particular Kathryn Smith at Results Migration Australia have achieved excellent results for my fiancĂ© and I. They assisted and supported us through every step and what felt like endless hurdles that the Department of immigration / home affairs and whatever their name will be next month… I have advised all within my family, friends and extended network that they are the only team to seek for solid and extremely cost effective advice on all Australia migration matters.


The team at Results Migration consists of extremely well qualified immigration lawyers. Chris and Kathryn have navigated me through an appeal process when my Permanent Residency visa application was rejected by the Department of Immigration. They were successful in winning the appeal and I have since obtained my Permanent Residency in Australia. I highly recommend Results Migration to anyone who is looking to achieve a successful outcome no matter what the circumstances might be as they will always find a way to win.


I had a rather difficult case and Christian and his team took me on knowing it may not have been an easy win. We worked hard for a few years but I managed to get ministerial intervention and a perm resident visa. This is very very difficult to do! The fees were much cheaper than others and I was always notified of everything going on throughout the process. I would highly recommend these lawyers with anything immigration. Thank you for the greatest result!!!!


Amazing service very caring and informative and successful can’t speak highly enough of Christian from the very beginning to the end. The fees were very very reasonable and Christian took the time to explain the process and answer some of my concerns and put my mind at ease. Thank you so much and I highly recommend this organisation to anyone wanting to immigrate to Australia. Once again thank you.


To say that im ecstatic is an understatement !!!! Thanks to Chris, and in particular Kathryn, my wife and i get to start living our married life here in Australia. Although the whole process was a very stressful time for the two of us, Kathryn worked hard to alleviate our stress and achieve this fantastic result. I will be eternally grateful to her, Chris and the team at Results Migration. Their name says it all. Once again, a million thanks guys !!!


Our experience with Results Migration was very positive and rewarding. In an initial consultation, they provided us with all the information we required, along with realistic timelines. Once the ball was set rolling, Christian and his team were there throughout the process to help with any issues that required their attention. Thank you Christian for your expertise and patience; we would highly recommend this team!


I could not be happier with the service provided by Results Migration, Kathryn, Christian, and the whole team. Not only did they take all my calls (and there were a lot) and answer emails promptly, but I really got the sense that they genuinely cared about my outcome.

My wife and I had some serious problems with our PR application and some serious speedbumps along the way and our agent, Kathryn, literally would drop everything and help us make new plans at a moments notice. I think in the 11 months we were working together the plan changed close to a half a dozen times with the changing legislature and each time they had anew visa option for us and a new pathway we could follow.

They really got to know me and my wife and catered their services for our needs. In the end they were able to not only get us an offer of PR, but they were able to some how make the process move faster than it should have.

I genuinely can’t recommend them enough!


Visa Approved and in record time. Thanks to the team at Results Migration, my case was complicated and I felt I had no hope of success when things changed for me personally.

They welcomed me with a free consultation, they gave me my options and were very clear on price and outcome. Christian really supported me and knew more than any other of the other four migration companies who said my case was impossible to win in court.

I’m really happy and thank him a lot for saving my life in Australia, my family and my visa. From the bottom of my heart thanks to Results Migration! To Christian and his team


Couldn’t be happier with the service from communication to clarity of what was required throughout the whole process of applying for a new visa.

Originally I was unsure of the best visa option for staying longer in Australia. During a free consultation I was advised of the different options and was able to choose the right path for me. Aware that there was less than a month for me to apply from within Australia, Christian and the excellent team at Results Migration made it clear exactly what was needed for the skilled visa including working with my employer to ensure all the paperwork was correct.

I am confident that without their support and superb knowledge it would have been a different outcome if I had tried to apply on my own. Worth the money and peace of mind.

Thank you to everyone at Results Migration.


Amazing team, prompt service, and down to earth approach to understanding the process – with support via face to face, email, and telephone, they were always in contact. We achieved our dreams through the proper process that Results Migration gave us, and now we’re looking to the next stages of our lives – thanks to Christian and Kathryn


I applied for graduation visa with my old lawyer and he couldnt get it. I was almost going to be refused. After that, i found Result Migration on the Internet also they had free consultant for the first visit.
Although it was free, Christ listened me really carefully and wrote down every details and tried to find the best solution.
I fallowed whatever he and his team member Kathryn said and i got my visa in really short time without facing any problem.

One of the best part of working with them they answer your calls or e-mails even messages really quick.

I visited too many lawyers in Brisbane, but they are the best, highly recommended.


I would like to thank Christian and his team for the hard work. My case was not an easy one, but the Results Migration team worked tirelessly to get the result that we wanted very quick. I would highly recommend Results Migrations to anyone.


Never in my entire life thought I’d end up in an immigration detention center or having to fight to stay with someone I love, but life don’t give us what we think it should. But Christian Katherine and Charlie are the team to use if you find yourself in this situation so many problems in my case but they pulled off what I thought and my wife thought was going to be impossible

Thank you to the whole Results migration team.


Best dealings with any migration lawyer we have ever had, we can not believe the outstanding service we received from both Christian and his team!!! My partner and I applied for a partner visa through results migration. This visa was extremely important to both my partner and I, as at the time we were expecting our first child. Christian took us through the whole process without any hiccups, he was always there to answer any questions we had no matter how big or small. We have dealt with many lawyers in the past that took our money but then after payment they were not available and to be honest couldn’t really care less .. this is not the case with results migration! They take you seriously from start to finish and are very thorough because they generally care about your outcome. Well almost 8 months earlier then expected we got our visa approved this week. My partner and I couldn’t be more excited to start living our lives together in Australia . Cheers Christian & Katherine.


My experience with Results Migration has been simply amazing. my partner and I started my partner visa ourselves, and as you may have encounted for yourself, its very daunting. my partner and I had many trips to Visa and Citizenship Office with absolutely no success, actual words from a government official was “the internet is your friend, go home go to the website and you will find the visa necessary”. armed with this my partner and I searched for the visa that sounded like it suited us, to only start filling out the completely wrong visa form, we felt as we had to interpret lingo that was out of our skill set. Seemed like there was a few Visas we could started filling out. I could only imagined how this could ended if we stayed on this path. lodging an incorrect visa could have been a disaster.

Luckily we decided to visit Christian at results migration. I was a mess and stressing, we had 6 months to sort my visa and felt like nothing was going anywhere, seeing Christian put our minds at ease with in 45 mins, we went home assured of the success rate and knowledge of the the Australian visa system.

from 6:30 pm on a Thursday in November. With our first chat with christian, we had the outline and tools to get our visa completed, we were assigned Katherine as our lawyer and she was fantastic, I would say 100 plus calls/texts/emails along on our way.

6 months later, not only did we submit my visa, but we had a request for my medical and Australian police check . 6 weeks later I had my full partner visa application granted

Many Thanks to Christian, Katherine and the team at Results Migration we owe you everything.


From my research online I found Results Migration and gave them a chance with my visa after reading the good reviews and seeing the results they got for their clients. A visa approval was a gateway for my family and I to stay in Australia whilst I practiced medicine at the PA Hospital, so I wanted to make sure I did not make any mistakes with the application.

I visited their office in Brisbane and then again in Sydney when I relocated and I had the pleasure of dealing with the MD Christian and his team. You could see from the start, he took a vested interest in my case, asking questions I would not even think of and providing a service that gave us confidence as a family.

I can now write this review with an Approved visa in my hands. This has changed our lives forever and you can see from the way my children smile they now have a life that I dreamed for them.

Mr Christian you are an amazing lawyer and I really appreciate the 5 star service, the answering of the calls on a weekend and giving us the chance to call Australia home. The best immigration lawyers in Brisbane and I will be referring you for life.


I used Results Migration to lodge my application for a 186 subclass visa. They looked after us very well and always available to answer to any questions or doubts I had, even discussing about choice to make to achieve the best result.
Many thanks to Christian and his team for my successful application!

I needed to appeal my visa because my previous lawyer did a bad job with my case. I went to hear Christian speak at his seminar last year in South Africa and got good advice about my options.


In my heart I felt good about him taking my case and I decided to lodge an appeal in Brisbane. I saw him win a case for my friend so confidence was plenty. Christian did not let me down, we went to federal court, he speak very well and Judge respect him, he fight for me and now my visa approved.

If you need an immigration lawyer in Brisbane or Australia, speak to Mr Christian, he changed my life and I thank him and his team.


Christian helped my fiancĂ© to acquire her 3 month visitor visa which was approved despite having our previous visa application (that my fiancĂ© and I had initially applied for with out Christians help) refused. I can’t recommend Christian and his team highly enough…
Hamish & Christina

Christian and his team of professionals have once again excelled in their services with helping my fiancé and I successfully secure another visa. Our Prospctive Marriage Visa application which usually takes The Department of Home Affairs between 12-15 months was processed in just 7 months. Needless to say we are very happy with our experience with Results Migration and would happily recommend to anyone.


I win the tribunal today, with help of result migration. today is the happiest day of my lawyer katryn smith have done an amazing job.she reply me straight away and comfort me when i feel worried about the process. She also have done solid preparation and tell me everything i need to get prepare before my tribunal. I really recommend her .with my domestic violent case ,only women understand another women. thank you so much katryn ,christian and result migration.


I found Results Migration from my research online. But I do not trust a lot what people say on line, so I went to check it out in person.At the first meeting with Christian I understood straight away he would be able to help me.

He explained everything perfectly and professionally. I love structure and plan, and Christian showed me a plan with a description of every step to take. And for each step he and his team were there ready to assist me with any issue. Christian was reliable also on the weekend when i needed and I really appreciated. Now I got my Visa and it is amazing. Thank you so much Christian and the results Migration team. You guys are amazing.
I strongly recommend Results Migration.


We highly recommend Christian as he is highly organised and motivated, not afraid of a challenge, very friendly and professional, and his process delivered proven results. He demonstrated extensive knowledge, and a highly competent ability that was unquestionable that completely aligned with his impressive statistics. Christian was very understanding and compassionate about our circumstances regarding our need for my husband to arrive for the birth of our baby girl 😀


Chris and his team are great. They gave me and my wife the advice we needed and helped us get my visa approved.Our first initial consultation was free which was very good because we knew from that, that Chris was there to help us and not about the money.

Chris and his team are the best when it comes to the cost for the work they completed. Chris even allowed us a payment plan so we could pay monthly instalments until we had paid our fee in full. I’ve recommended Results Migration to a few of my friends and will continue to recommend anyone who needs migration help in the future.

When we were first going to apply for my visa, we looked at a few different Migration offices and once we found Chris, we didn’t need to look further as he was the best out of all of them.


My partner and I have been in Australia for 6 plus years , and now call it home , and in December our world came down around us when we had a issue with our 457 visa , we had applied for PR and were not long away from getting it when we were advised to cancel the PR Application by our then agent , everyone we tried told us sorry there’s nothing we can do etc , then Christian was recommended to us , and all I can say is the man is a life saver , nothing was to much trouble and it didn’t matter what time day or night , he was always on hand. We had a very hard case as we were on a time limit a short one , so as you can imagine we weren’t the easiest going clients to deal with . After been let down in the past we were extremely anxious. he told us not to worry and he was right , we logged our visa application on the first of March and it was granted in 7 days.7 Days later !!! Our deportation date was this Friday the 16 of March! I can’t express the gratitude We have for Christian and his team for all their hard work. And for going above and beyond for us, and not treating us like just another number , he really is amazing. I can’t wait to start our permanent residency with him and my family visas , all I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your professionalism, hard work, and in my eyes a miracle worker ! 7 days must be a record, and we know you had a lot of obstacles with our case but you found away. Thank you for letting us keep our dream I know with out your talents and dedication we would be leaving in two days , we can’t express our gratitude enough, and we are so excited for the next stage knowing we have you and your team behind us .
Jason and Michaela


After visiting 4 other migration lawyers in Brisbane and getting mixed responses from them I was confused and had little faith on who to trust. I found out about Results Migration when Christian was winning my friends case in the Federal Court. I then met him at his office free of charge and explained my case.

Christian first listened to my issues and then took to the time to explain exactly the mixed advice I received so I could see why some of the previous lawyers were leading me down the wrong path. In my home country I studied law (but it is not recognised here) so I tested Mr Christian with my issues, and he passed.

The process was smooth, reliable and genuine. You can’t guarantee anything in life, but I just felt I would get the visa the whole time, the support from his team was consistent.

Now I can say today my visa is APPROVED! What a Christmas present, what a result and I can say they are the best immigration lawyers in Brisbane and Australia!


Being new to Australia it’s hard to know who you can trust. I first heard of Results Migration on the plane over from South Africa and then through many friends that had used them and got their visas approved.

After settling in Brisbane I visited Christian and his team and they guided me so well I decided to proceed with them and got my first visa approved. I am now lodging a second visa with them and their attention to detail and respect for my needs is always at a high level.

I’m really surprised to meet genuine and decent lawyers who got the outcome I needed. They took all my headaches away and made the process easy to understand.

Results Migration gave me the path to follow my dreams. Now I can start my business and support my family. Thanks Mr Christian, you have a great team and you work hard for your clients success.


Christian Dawson and his team are very good, he is the best. All my friends who he has helped with their visa application all got the visa approved, and they recommended him to me. I met with Christian and he was a perfect, his entire team were very helpful. I must confess, I was a difficult client and really slow with responding to emails and text even when sending in Documents required but they were patient and I got my Visa approved!!!

Christian and his team deserve an award as they are very good and know their work. To cut the entire story short, Result migration is Reliable, efficient and knowledgeable.


I contacted Christian after hearing that my second year working holiday visa was rejected. We successfully won our appeal against the decision and I am very happy that now I can stay in Australia for another year! Christian and his team were always very helpful and explained the process whenever I was unsure. Christian always put my mind at ease and answered any questions I had. I would definitely recommend Results Migration to anyone applying for a visa or dealing with a visa rejection.


I wanted to continue to study in Australia because it is the land of opportunity. Now with all the changes to migration laws I was confused about my options. I have been disabled for many weeks and it is hard for me to leave my house for long periods.

When I contacted Results Migration they were very helpful and I spoke to Christian about my issues over the phone, he was nice to speak to and to my surprise offered to drive out to my house on south side to meet me in person. You can see he really cares and only wanted the best outcome for me.

I am happy to report my visa is approved. It was fast, reliable and easy. I always thought lawyers were hard to talk to because they are scary but Christian spoke to me with respect and understood my needs. Thank you Results Migration.


I really appreciate what Christian and his team achieved for me. I came to him with issues regarding my Citizenship and the Department were looking to cancel it based on some mistakes from a previous lawyer.

I went to the office in Brisbane and met directly with Christian, he took the time to explain the issues regarding my case and the chances of success. He introduced me to his team and explained the strategy of how we were going to move forward. He was very honest with me and his team were very supportive. Service is important to me and you can see why Christian has successful cases, he actually cares.

I now stand here today with approved Citizenship in my hands. Christian is a miracle worker and I cannot thank him and his team enough.


If results is what you’re after, Results Migration will get you just that.

I was referred to Christian by a friend and after our interview with him I could see why. The information and guidelines was professional and to the letter. Christian went above and beyond to assist my family to secure our stay in Australia. I appreciated the fact that Christian was very thorough from the start, and even when some immigration law changes was made during our lodgement he ensured we were up to date and informed and on track. No one’s application is the same and this is where i think Results Migration is a company that can take a professional but more important personal approach to your application, and I will recommend them to anybody who are looking for results. Thank you Christian we won’t forget what you’ve done for us.


Cherrymie and I met in Australia whilst she was on a working holiday visa, when we decided to engage results migration to commence our relationship visa so that we could be together and it was particularly stressful as Cherrymie was pregnant and Christian did help all the way through the process and i had so many questions and he answered me everytime . I honestly had my doubts about hiring a migration lawyer but the amount of things you dont realise that are so critical to a positive outcome are so important, to us we just didnt want to risk it at all as being together is the most important thing to us. and his rates were the fairest, really for the amount of work there to do. That work is a 2 way street you must provide as much as possible always over qualify your application and Christian wil guide you through every single document. ,Christian did prove to be amazing by fine tuning our application to get the best result we could have ever hoped for and because of that we are now happily living in Australia together.

So i want personally thank Christian for everything and keeping our family together.
Christian knows his stuff and we both highly recommend him.

Regards Mark & Cherrymie plus Mia.


After a wrongful denial of my second year working holiday visa, I could not be happier with the entire process of appealing the decision and succeeding in getting a positive result of ACCEPTED! If it weren’t for Christian at Results Migration I would have been long gone from Australia by now. From the day I met Christian, I could tell that he knew exactly what he was doing, answering any and every question in full and never leaving me unsure. Knowledgeable, personable, attentive, honest, all around fantastic. I am ecstatic with the result and the service, and will be contacting Christian again if I am in need of any legal services.


I would highly recommend Christian at Results migration to help with any visa situation. He is very attentive and always available when you are wanting to talk or have any questions. He encouraged us in every direction to help my partner and I to achieve a great outcome with our Visa’s.
We are so greatful for all the work he has done for us and the work that is to come.
You will not be sorry for choosing Results migration.


I was very impressed with the efficiency and professionalism shown by results migration in this process. I was extremely concerned with my future as my visa was ongoing during the changes to the 457 visa in Australia, but the team at results migration were there to answer all of my questions. I now sit with an approved visa ready to begin this chapter in my life and its all thanks to the results migration team.


Thank you to Mr Christian Dawson and his team at Results Migration. I applied for a 457 visa offshore from Pakistan and it was approved in record time! I am now living near the Gold Coast with my family and we are very lucky to call Australia home. Mr Christian took the time to explain the complexity of my case and even though I was offshore he always made time for me and my family.


Permanent residency approved! I was referred to Mr Christian Dawson as he is a very famous immigration lawyer in the Indian community. I applied for my Subclass 186 visa, it was a complex case and I did not want it to fail.

I am grateful to Mr Christian and his Results Migration team. They were very honest to me and I am very happy with the outcome!


We contacted Christian after being highly recommended to him through a friend after he was successful in appealing their migration matter in the High Court. My partner made some mistakes when she was visiting me in Australia last year and she was slapped with a 3 year visa ban after mistakingly overstaying. I read that it was very hard to have the ban overturned and we had planned our wedding later this year so it was a very stressful moment for us being separated.

I flew up from Sydney to meet Christian in Brisbane and was immediately impressed with his honest and frank assessment of our chances of success. I have run my own construction businesses for 20 years and it was refreshing to find someone who was a professional straight shooter. In our consult he explained how he would approach the application and then we video conferenced my wife overseas.

Throughout the process Christian and his legal team were supportive, reliable and just did what they say they would. I am pretty time poor and it was great that I could just pick up the phone and call him instead of being put on hold or feel like just being another number, like with our previous lawyer. When you’re dealing with something this stressful, regular contact was key.

Because my wife was banned I was regularly leaving Australia to visit her and I would call Christian to check the status, he would update me as he received any news and I could not fault his team on how they managed our file.

Last week we received the news that the 3 year ban had been lifted and my wife’s new visa application was approved. This was a life changing moment for us, Australia has the best opportunities for our family and now we can celebrate together as one.

I can’t recommend Christian and his team enough. They exceeded all of our expectations and delivered on their promise. I’m not the bloke that normally does these type of reviews but when you get a result like we did it’s the least we can do.

Thank you Christian and Results Migration, we will never forget what you did for us.


Results Migration is a truly exceptional company. We’ve had several members of our team at Media Heroes on 457 visas over the years and Christian has helped us navigate the sometimes confusing rules from IMMI with great success. The team at Results offer no nonsense advice, they ensure you follow the rules to the letter and they genuinely do get results. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to any company or individual looking for a fantastic migration lawyer. Thanks Christian.


Successful Prospective Marriage visa, while getting processed successful tourist visa for 9 months without any job for my Philippine partner. Partner visa will be next when we marry. Honestly Christian knows what he is doing, highly recommend him and his team! Thank you 🙂


I recently moved from America and needed a partner visa with my girlfriend. Results Migration provided the exact service I was after and made the process easy through their free online visa assessment form. We were placed with an agent straight away and they were available 24/7 through the whole process. My girlfriend and I are now settled in Brisbane and look forward to our new life together thanks to Results Migration.


Results Migration matched me with a University and College and provided me with my student visa without delay. Give Results Migration a call, you won’t be disappointed.


I moved from the UK earlier this year and needed a work visa. My friend used the free Results Migration Australia online assessment and told me to do the same so I gave it a try and was matched with an agent straight away. The profession I was coming from in the UK was quite unique but Results Migration had the contacts to ensure my visa application was a success.

Gola Family

I came from Pakistan to work in the service industry and start a new life with my young family. Results Migration helped me obtain a family visa for my wife and children. We are now living in Sydney and are very happy with our new life. Results Migration was the best decision I made as the application process is difficult and costly and they made the process simple for me to understand.