Subclass 173 visa fees are prescribed by the Department of Home Affairs and are payable on the lodgement of your 173 visa application. From time to time the fees are updated by the Department, Results Migration will advise at the time of your free consultation.


173 Visa Fees

The total fee of the 173 visa is paid over two instalments, the first when the application is lodged, and the second before the grant of the visa. The first instalment may be waived if the applicant meets the requirements set out in the below table.

173 Visa Fees Primary applicant Dependents over 18 Dependents under 18
First Instalment


  • if applicant made valid application for a Parent (Migrant)(Class AX) visa before 27 June 2003; and
  • withdrew the application at the same time as making the application for the Contributory Parent (Temporary)(Class UT) visa; or
  • Applicant’s application is combined or sought to be combined with application made by a person satisfying the above criteria
$2,540 $1,270 $640
nil nil nil
Second Instalment $29,130 $29,130 $2,095
Additional Costs to Consider Fee (AUD) Explanation
Character Clearance/Police Checks Variable This fee is payable to police authorities in any country that you have lived for 12 months or more
Medical Examinations Variable May be required for each person on the application


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