457 Visa Occupations in Demand

The 457 visa is a subclass of the temporary work visa that is available to skilled international workers. This visa allows skilled international workers to gain employment with approved businesses for anywhere between 3 months and 4 years.

There are, however, numerous conditions that must be met by applicants before they can commence working under the 457 visa. Businesses bear some responsibility under the 457 visa conditions and can sponsor a worker under the terms of the visa if they cannot find an Australian worker to fill the position.

Furthermore, a sponsoring business must demonstrate that it is a lawfully operating and well established business that meets the relevant Australian workplace requirements, complies with the number of 457 visa employees, is committed to the local workforce and engages in appropriate recruitment practices.

These strict conditions are important, as they serve to safeguard 457 visa workers against job instability and exploitative workplace practices, whilst also preserving the employment prospects of local workers.

Nomination for a 457 visa

Due to the stringent terms and conditions imposed upon all businesses looking to sponsor a 457 visa applicant, there are relatively few jobs available to skilled international workers. Consequently, jobs that fulfil the requirements of the visa are in high demand.

Fortunately, the system is designed in such a way as to ensure that all successful applicants for the 457 visa are employed through the sponsorship of eligible businesses.

To begin the visa application process, an approved business must nominate a skilled international worker and identify the specific position that the worker in question would fill. This is an important step, as it ensures that all skilled international workers entering Australia with a 457 visa will be employed.

To begin the nomination process, a business must provide the relevant government department with the name of the international worker, outline the state in which the international worker will be employed and demonstrate that it meets all of the necessary employer requirements in Australia.

Following this, the business in question must draft a set of employment guidelines in accordance with Australian workplace requirements and provide these guidelines to the Department of Immigration with their nomination.

Finally, the business must demonstrate that it meets the criterion stipulated under the visa conditions and it must meet the temporary skilled migration income threshold. Because there are so many steps – each of varying complexity – it is advisable that businesses and applicants alike engage a qualified migration agent or lawyer to assist with the application and nomination process.

Positions in demand for 457 visa sponsorships

Throughout Australia skilled workers are in constant demand, across a range of industries. Demand is constantly shifting, however, and this means that employment under a 457 visa can prove to be far more challenging in some industries than others.

Currently, there are numerous commercial sectors that are suitable for 457 visa applicants – all of which require a dynamic and multitudinous variety of skills and qualifications.

Perhaps the most available positions for 457 visa applicants include those in healthcare, automotive repairs and commercial consultancy.


Australia’s healthcare system is one of the broadest, most efficient in the world. The remarkable diversity of healthcare services across rural and urban Australia demands a workforce that is equally as diverse and well equipped to manage the health and wellbeing of a growing nation.

Presently, there is somewhat of a shortage of nursing and medical staff across certain areas of Australia and because of this the industry is seeking qualified healthcare workers to strengthen the workforce.

Being reputable and well established, hospitals and other such healthcare facilities are well equipped to fulfil the requirements stipulated by the Department of Immigration with regard to 457 visas, which is a considerable advantage to applicants.

The financial stability and community standing offered by hospitals and healthcare facilities places them in an ideal position to ensure that all nominations and applications for 457 employment are managed efficiently and effectively, with the best possible chance of success.

Automotive Industry

Another Australian industry that is currently seeking to strengthen its workforce is the automotive industry – in particular, automotive repairs. If you peruse some of the larger job advertising websites on the Internet, you will find a large number of automotive repair shops advertising positions to both local workers and 457 visa applicants.

The automotive industry in Australia is large and dynamic, with advances in technology and the demand for automotive services increasing considerably in recent years. This is perhaps one of the factors contributing to the increasing demand for skilled mechanics, panel beaters and other such automotive professionals.

Positions of this nature offer a range of benefits to 457 applicants and these benefits vary in nature.

Automotive workshops are often locally run businesses and this means that they are looked upon favourably by the Department of Immigration. Because they are typically locally run businesses, employers in the automotive repairs industry are almost invariably dedicated to the local workforce and can therefore demonstrate a genuine commitment to local labour, as per the requirements of 457 visa sponsorship.

Commercial Consultancy

With Australian commerce expanding rapidly through strengthened international trade and innovative industrial advancements, there is a high demand for skilled business consultants throughout growing Australian businesses.

Qualified and skilled professionals are necessary to manage the directional objectives, practical requirements and human resources issues of local and multinational businesses that have seen considerable growth in recent years.

This is an excellent workplace in which to seek sponsorship as a worker under the 457 visa. The economic importance on international trade throughout Australian businesses means that – amongst other things – businesses will be seeking to network and expand the diversity of their workforce, which has led to an increased demand for international workers.

Additionally, large corporate businesses are well equipped to fulfil the conditions imposed upon them by the 457 visa.

The expansive resources of these businesses ensure that the nomination and application process will be managed smoothly and the economic prospects of the commercial sector indicate that these types of positions can be both lucrative and stable.

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