Additional Points for Skilled Migration Applicants

A range of additional points will be awarded to certain visa applicants, including the two new visas, the Provisional (Skilled Regional) Subclass 494 visa and Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Subclass 191 visa.

Additional Points

The revised points system will apply to the subclass 491 visa, as well as the existing General Skilled Migration visas (subclass 189 and 190).

The points awarded will be linked to the applicant’s ability to provide economic contribution to Australia, as the purpose of the skilled migration program is to benefit Australia’s economic growth.

The new points are aimed at an applicant, whose partner is competent with English but cannot meet the requirements for skilled points.

Applicants have the right to claim points if their partners are younger than 45, competent at English and have an assessable skill.

Additional points are available for the following:

  • 10 points for applicants who have a skilled partner.
  • 15 points for applicants nominated by a family member living in regional Australia or by State or Territory government.
  • 10 points for having STEM qualifications.
  • 5 points for applicants that have a partner who has competent English.
  • 10 points for applicants who do not have a partner.

Skilled Independent (subclass 189) and Skilled Regional (subclass 489) must achieve a minimum of 80 points.

Australia’s Skilled Migration Points Score Revision

The change in the points was driven by the Productivity Commission to allow certain secondary applicants to be awarded points. The points system was revised to allow for additional points for secondary applicants who possess employment related skills.

Roughly half of the intakes of secondary applicants have limited skills, which is why it is important to access the secondary applicant.

Additional points are given to single applicants to a skilled secondary applicant so there is no disadvantage for the single applicant. The old points system meant that an application with a partner would have an advantage over a single application as the partner could claim additional points if they had a skill.

Extra points that have been made available for partners with competent English is used as an incentive for couples to improve their English proficiency to receive the additional points.

Ordering System

In addition to the revised point system, an ordering system will also be implemented. The ordering system will be used when the points earned are equal. The ranking will be as follows:

  • First – applicants with a skilled partner;
  • Equal First – applicants without a partner;
  • Second – applicants with a partner that can display competent English but is not skilled; and
  • Third – applicants with a partner who is limited in their English and doesn’t meet the skill requirements.

The new points system and Provisional (Skilled Regional) Subclass 494 and Subclass 491 will take effect on 16 November 2019. The introduction of the two new visas coincides with the repeal of the Regional Sponsored Migration Visa (subclass 189) and the Regional Provisional Visa (subclass 489).

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