New Sponsorship Options

Home Affairs recently announced important changes to Minister of Religion Labour Agreement (‘MORLA’). The aim of those changes is to enable sponsorship of an additional occupation, Religious Assistant (ANZSCO 451816). These changes allows MORLA to provide sponsorship to another occupation other than the Minister of Religion.

Here is a quick and easy guide you can use when filling out the online form:  

  • In the ‘Position Details’ section of the form, only one ANZSCO occupation code will b e available, which is the Minister of Religion (ANZSCO 272211).
  • Once the Minister of Religion occupation has been selected a pop-up text field will allow information to be typed in. Here, the Religious Assistant (ANZSCO 451816) will be the occupation relevant.
  • Then the nomination tables will need to be completed. Here the number of overseas workers wanted as Religious Assistants should be in the table.

Anyone holding an existing MORLA wanting to sponsor Religious Assistants will have to apply for a new MORLA. It is important to make sure to answer all questions on the MORLA request form, as they currently are for applicants requesting a MORLA.

General Requirements for Negotiation MORLA


Non-monetary benefits can be included when assessing if the earnings for the comparable Australian worker and nominee are at a TSMIT level.


For Ministers of Religion, the nominee must possess the following:

  • Be ordained as a Minister of Religion; and
  • Have the minimum equivalent requirements to an Australian bachelor degree; or
  • Or have five years of training or instruction.

For Religious Assistants, the nominee must possess the following:

  • Relevant qualifications to a AQF Certificate II or III; or
  • Have a minimum of two years relevant experience.


Short term stream TSS visa requirements apply unless they are waived on the basis that the nominee will be in a monkish environment.

ENS visa applicants will have to demonstrate English proficiency and be awarded a score of 4.5 at a IELTS 5 level.

Permanent Residence

Can be granted after a three year transitional period and a strong case.


There is no age requirement, can be up to 60 years old.

Visas for General Practitioners

The Visas for GPs initiative is to help grow and regulate the medical workforce in Australia. A sponsor nominating a position to be filled by a visa holding doctor will have to obtain a Health Workforce Certificate from a Rural Workforce Agency (‘RWA’).

A Health Workplace Certificate is a letter that is issued by a RWA that confirms the need for a someone to fill a healthcare position.

Employers must attach the Health Workplace Certificate to their nomination for the following visas:

  • Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa
  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186) visa
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187) visa.

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