Submitting your Expression of Interest?

 4 important tips on how to improve your application today! 

 For those of you wishing to apply for the subclass 189/489 visa programme, today marks an important day as applicants are selected and invited to lodge an application for their chosen visa.

If you have not received an invitation, you may need to update your Expression of Interest (EOI) to improve your chances of receiving an invitation next month.

Although there are some aspects of the skilled migration application process that cannot be individually controlled, there are some categories that are within your control and can be used to your advantage.

The great news is that the majority of categories within your control, are integral to the success of your EOI and can therefore maximise your chances of receiving an invitation.


Listed below are 4 tips that you can use to submit a successful EOI application.


  1. English 

Although this may be the most obvious category, it is also one of the most important. Achieving superior results on your English language test will help improve your chances of receiving an invitation.

The difference between scoring ‘proficient’ and ‘superior’ English comes down to ten points.

There are a number of different types of English Language tests, so make sure to practice the tests before you take them to see which is right for you.

If you are a visual learner, or a methodical learner, it is important to find out which test better suits your learning style.


The English testing systems you can sit for your Australian visa application are listed below:



Up to 48 times a year in over 900 locations in 130 countries worldwide.


Up to 50 times a year in 9.000 test centres in 130 countries

PTE Academic

Up to 363 times a year in over 200 locations worldwide.


 Up to 10 times a year in 30 countries

Cambridge (CAE)

 Up to 3 times per month in 130 countries


2. Employment 

Another category within your control, is your ability to find employment within your nominated occupation.

Having just one year of employment experience will grant you five additional points in Australia. Accumulating as many points as possible will help you improve your chances of receiving an invitation.

A good place to start your search is here


3. Further Study 

While past work experience is important in your application, completing further education in Australia through a student visa will also positively influence the amount of points you receive.

Have a chat with our team if you require course assistance.


4. Location Flexibility 

In each state and territory, there are different skilled occupation lists, which may also have varied skills requirements.

If you are willing to move to a different location, it may be wise to check whether your occupation is available in other states and see if the listed requirements are better suited to your application.

Your chances of receiving an invitation will double if your point score is 80, compared to someone who is on 75 points. Using these 4 tips to update and change your EOI application will drastically improve your chances of receiving an invitation next month!

If you need help with your EOI application, Results Migration are a team of experienced migration lawyers and registered migration agents that are available to help set you up for success. Call Results Migration on 1800 808 717 to book in your free consultation today!

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