Top 5 jobs that lead to permanent residency in Australia

With obtaining permanent residency becoming even more challenging in Australia, it may be helpful to know what occupations are more likely to lead to permanent residency.

The Australian immigration program is one of the largest in the world, with 190,000 places offered each year for permanent residency.

Nearly 70% of those places are allocated to Australian migrants that are part of the skilled stream program, including:

  • Employer Sponsored
  • Skilled Independent
  • State & Territory and Regional Sponsored
  • Business Innovation & Investment Program
  • Distinguished Talent

Even though 72,840 permanent residency places are set aside for the skilled stream program, there are only a set number of permanent residency places allocated to each occupation.

The following occupations listed below are the top five occupations that received the highest proportion of permanent residency in 2017-18:

  • Accountant (3505)
  • Software Engineer (3112)
  • Registered Nurses (1561)
  • Developer Programmer (1487)
  • Cook (1257)

Even though these are the top five jobs that received the highest quantity of permanent residency, applying for these occupations can prove challenging for visa applicants.

Not one of the professions listed above has a skills shortage, which means that there are limited spots available for these occupations.

Due to the large volume of applications submitted and the reduced number of applicants accepted for these occupations, only the top applicants are being invited to apply for these occupations.

Although the minimum threshold for applying for General Skilled Migration was changed to 65 points in July last year, visa applicants that wish to apply for high-interest occupations may be required to possess a point score as high as 80.

This is particularly true for Accountants and IT professionals, as visa applicants must possess a minimum point score of 75.


So what does this mean for you? 

The pathway to obtaining an Australian permanent residency has become more challenging over the past few years.

Even though you are more likely to obtain permanent residency through one of the top five jobs listed above, there are limited spots available for these occupations.

Make sure that you have an edge over other applicants by submitting a successful Expression of Interest (EOI) application.

Here are 4 tips on creating a successful EOI to improve your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for your chosen visa.

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