Australian Citizenship Processing Times 2019

There are currently over 220,000 Australian citizenship applicants are waiting for a decision to be made on their application, despite a drop in waiting times.

The amount of people that have been granted Australian citizenship has doubled in the past year coupled with a reduction in waiting time according to the Department of Home Affairs. The waiting time has been reduced by roughly ten per cent. With the waiting time now being an average of 18 months compared to 20 months the same time last year.

The below table outlines the reduced wait time for processing Australian citizenship applications. 

The Department of Home Affairs believe have said that the reduction of waiting times is due to reforms implemented with the purpose of streamlining the process. The Department takes Australian citizenship applications very seriously and are doing what they can to ensure the process is effective and efficient.

With the number of approved applications having doubled in the past year, the Department is certainly on the right track with the reforms.

The reforms introduced seek to streamline the process without compromising national security or the integrity of the process.

With over 220,000 applications waiting for a decision regarding citizenship, this number is lower than this time last year with it being over 250,000. This is due to the reduction in wait times.

The Department is of the opinion that the number of applications waiting for a decision to be made will continue to decrease.

The improvement in the Australian citizenship process is due to an increase of complex cases and the sheer number of applications.

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