Over the past few decades, there has been a steady increase in the number of migrants coming into Australia. Since Australia became a federation in 1901, our population has increased over five fold, growing from a population of approximately four million to 22.3 million in 2011. Overall, this has contributed significantly to shaping modern-day Australia into the diverse, multi-cultural lifestyle that we know and enjoy today.

A change in Policy Drove Australia Into a new Multi-cultural Era

Currently, approximately 27% of the current Australian population was born outside of Australia. Since Federation in 1901, this has been our highest number to date, suggesting that Australia’s migration stream is stronger than ever.

Following the end of the White Australia Policy in 1973, the scope of the immigration policy in Australia was widened.

The new policy was implemented to include more nationalities in its immigration stream, welcoming migrants from all parts of the world.

Today, Australia attracts migrants from all across the world under a variety of circumstances.

Our culture prides itself on the variety of culture, ethnicities and people that have adopted the Australian way of life. It is undeniable that the migration stream has contributed significantly to develop Australia’s diversity to what it is today.

Skilled Migration the Solution to Address Skilled Workforce Shortages

Notwithstanding the ever-increasing number of migrants relocating to Australia, Australia initially attached priority to skilled workers and their families initially. Following the Second World War, Australia has identified that a shortage of skilled workers would significantly hinder the country’s growth in many aspects. To address this, one of the proposed solutions forwarded by the Federal Government at the time was by implementing the Skilled Migrant Visa program.

The program will allow qualified persons to contribute their specific skills to the labour market in Australia and above all, are offered the chance to relocate to our unique way of life. As a result of this program, skilled migrants from across the world have been attracted to the lifestyle Australia offers and in return, have helped Australia address their shortage in the skilled workforce.

Application Process Key to Increasing Quality of Applicants and Eases Integration

With the myriad of visas available and the Australian lifestyle becoming more and more attractive to people across the globe, it is crucial that the Australian Government balances two opposing ideals. On one hand they must attract a steady flow of migrants, while on the other, must ensure that the migrants who are selected to receive an Australian visa are of proper character and meet the requirements.

This is to ensure that new migrants have equal opportunity to compete in the labour market, as well as ease the integration into society.

To achieve this, the Federal Government achieves this by implementing a strict and thorough application process. Migrants undergo language testing and must deliver proof of a clear criminal record, which provides indication of their quality of character.

This will allow the relationship between employer and employee to be one borne of trust, ambition and loyalty, thereby contributing positively to the Australian economy.

Results Migration to Help You Relocate to Australia

Australia has invested significantly towards developing a migration system to allow for diversity and multiculturalism to flourish. There are visas available for qualified persons from any country in the world that can cater to a variety of circumstances. As a result, it can be quite complex and confusing in choosing which of the visas you qualify for. That is why here at Results Migration, our experienced Migration Agents can help you through the process of migrating you and your family to Australia.

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